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Architectural Photography by Sebastian Weiss

Fascinated by architecture, photography and mobile technology, Sebastian Weiss abstracts urban shapes and models a new uniqueness by underlining their clear forms and structures. Breaking the essence of a city down to the substance, he frees buildings from their spatial context and known surroundings.

Sebastian Weiss started sharing his photographs on Instagram in December 2010. In September 2013 he became an official photo columnist at AD Architectural Digest Germany (Condé Nast Verlag). His work is also found in the annual edition “Best of Germany 2013” of AD Architectural Digest Germany.

See his work on: Instagram, Tumblr, Behance

I love his work.

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Moriarty: “What did I miss?”
Sherlock: "You’re not going to do it?"

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Fog in the Financial District 
By Tyler Hayward

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818 by kajico** on Flickr.

Be Mine - attempted by Girl’s Day (ft. Eric)

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